545 People Missing In last 45 Days In Telangana?

A report published by popular daily ‘Eenadu’ is now leaving people trembling with fear. The Telangana edition of the newspaper has printed that nearly 545 people are missing from Telangana state in May and June 2019 and most of them hail from Hyderabad and its surroundings. Not just kids, but middle aged people, women and old persons are also missing.

If we go into the details of the reports, Eenadu mentioned, there are 545 missing cases registered in Telangana with a majority of them lodged in Hyderabad and surrounding areas. While these are officially lodged cases, Eenadu wonders what will be the count of those cases that are not even filed a complaint.

The report further stated that the missing person list includes 2-year-old kids to 80-year-old persons. Also, it is read that police are said to be investing each case only for two days and later closing the case with some cock and bull stories. Eenadu also included the line, “If the police had acted on time when parents of Kalpana lodged a complaint about their missing daughter on April 23, 2015, then the killings of Manisha and Sravani would have got averted as police would have caught serial killer Srinivasa Reddy”.

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