A video of Covid-19 patients dancing on the hospital terrace is going viral!

Although the global pandemic Covid-19 has caused a furore, few of the Indian citizens seem to be very easy going. Of late, a dancing video has surfaced on the terrace of a hospital of corona infected patients. This video created quite a stir among the netizens as it had been going viral these days. According to the latest reports received, the video has surfaced from Chirayu Hospital in Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh.

In this 53-second video, Corona-infected patients admitted for hospital treatment can be seen enjoying on the terrace joyously. Patients of all ages, from young to old, are seen in it, while one of the patients recorded this video from his mobile. The astonishing thing is that the person making the video is apparently heard saying, “See this guy is a corona positive patient … there is no corona-vorona, he is 70 years old.”(Translated), while the patient is seen dancing to a tune. The surrounding people laughed at the sight, clapped and shouted slogans like “Jai Corona”.

Chirayu Hospital in Bhopal is one of those recognised hospitals, where the influx of covid-19 patients’ admission is high. In the same hospital, for the last few days, an MLA named Praveen Pathak had also been undergoing treatment for covid-19. Reportedly, the hospital management found that the patients have broke the security gate and entered the terrace.

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