ABN and TV5 blacked out in AP!

Like how Telangana CM KCR restricted Telugu news channels TV9 and ABN Andhra Jyothy right after becoming the CM in 2014, AP CM YS Jagan did the same. Since last evening ABN and TV5 news channels are not getting streamed all over Andhra Pradesh

Multiple System Operators (MSO) have blacked out the above channels and we hear that they got clear instructions from the YSRCP government. The opposition TDP is protesting against YSRCP and called for ‘Chalo Atmakur’ and the episodes at Palanadu were widely covered by ABN and TV5. This also caught the attention of national media and the issued turned big.

YSRCP has fumed over this and accordingly instructed MSOs to black out the channels. The rest followed. If we recall YS Jagan’s speech right after taking oath as CM, he issued a strong warning to the media groups ABN, Eenadu, TV5 and other pro-TDP channels. He added that his government would not hesitate to drag them to the court or take action against false propaganda. With power in his hands, Jagan has done what he has said.

ABN and TV5 might knock the AP High Court doors against this action.

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