AP bigwigs scared as Supreme Court ready to take big decision

For the past few weeks, the Supreme Court of India has been trying to speed up the process of clearing all the cases on the various public representatives in India. For this purpose, the Supreme Court has also established an Amicus Curiae, which has gathered the necessary information from the High Courts of all the states in India.

According to the information that has been gathered, there are a total number of 4859 cases against various public representatives in India. Out of that, Telangana has 143 cases, and Andhra Pradesh has 132 cases.

Additionally, the High Court of Telangana has also passed an order that 17 cases that are pending in the CBI Special court are to be cleared within the next 9 months. The CBI has additionally filed 11 new cases, and the ED department has filed 5 new cases. The Telangana High Court has also announced that a special website would be created where the public would be able to keep a check on the status of the various cases on various public representatives.

The Amicus Curiae is also said to have suggested the Supreme Court to order the High Courts of the other states to develop similar websites as well, so that the people of those states would always be informed. On the other hand, the Andhra Pradesh High Court said that it would recognise all the magistrate courts at the district level as Special courts, and also said that Special courts in the form of session courts would be established in districts like Visakhapatnam and Kadapa.

It is still to be known on what basis all of these cases will be resolved – whether on the basis of priority, or on a regular basis. The Supreme Court will be taking an important decision with respect to many other aspects in this regard on Tuesday, following which it is expected to pass a judgement.

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