AP Poll Entertainer Relaxing In The USA

Recently concluded polls of Andhra Pradesh are yet to get the finishing touch as everyone is waiting with bated breathe for May 23rd to come. That day will seal the fate of many politicians and their parties including KA Paul and his Prajasanthi party.

With some top media houses giving preferential treatment to KA Paul and his ‘boxing’ antics, surely he became the mascot of Andhra Pradesh’s elections. Then his trademark comments and punchlines have made him more popular. So, where is this political entertainer after the elections got over?

Reportedly Paul has flown to the United States of America, where he’s taking rest. However, he is regularly conducting web-chats with his teammates and encouraging them, saying that their party will make its mark in the 2019 election. Wonder what is that mark he’s saying, but truly some of the votes that should go to YS Jagan and Pawan Kalyan are badly pipped by Paul we have to say.

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