Bharath Matha Ki Jai – Pawan Kalyan on Ayogya Verdict

As the final verdict on Ayodhya’s disputed land is out, reactions and responses poured in from various corners of the country. Almost all major political parties and politicians have made their stand clear on Supreme Court’s verdict.

And as usual, Pawan Kalyan is late to respond. Pawan too has responded on the matter and welcomed Supreme Court’s ruling on the disputed land. He is last, but not least to respond on the crucial issue. While the judgement came in the morning around 11 AM, Pawan has responded by evening.

Responding to SC ruling in favour of Ram Lalla, Pawan Kalyan took to Twitter to share his feelings. He wrote, “The healing and historical judgement by Supreme Court on ‘Ram Janmaboomhi’ reflects the distilled wisdom of Indian Judiciary. We people of ‘Bharath’ wholeheartedly acknowledge the Supreme Court for upholding ‘Dharma’. Bharath Matha ki Jai!!

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