CM vs RTC: A Big Hole To Public Pockets

In a bitter news to the people of Telangana, from Monday midnight the bus fares are set to increase with the government allowing the RTC management to do so. This will put additional burden on people who already have suffered for 55 days when the RTC when for strike.

The minimum ticket fare is going to be Rs 10 and the hike is applicable in services like Palle Velugu, Express, Super Luxury, Vajra, Vennela Slepper. Also the bus passes tariffs are increased and a college going student has to now shell out Rs 165 instead of Rs 130.

People have opted for autos, cabs and private buses during the RTC strike and have paid double the amount to reach their destination. With RTC new hike, the people will witness no change in their travel expenses and will leave a big hole in their pockets.

Hiking RTC charges is inevitable said KCR during the meeting with RTC workers on Sunday. Unable to give a word on the demands, KCR eased the things by allowing the traffic hike. The government expects that this hike will bring Rs 750 crore revenue to RTC which can help meeting the demands of employees.

While showering soaps on RTC, CM KCR also sent a silent warning barring the union elections in the corporation for two years. He appealed to not to trust the unions and the leaders who are misleading the employees. Instead KCR asked the employees look into their issues by themselves instead of relying on union leaders.

KCR expects that in just four months, RTC will see good changes that help in growth. Overall, the Telangana CM has managed to impress RTC employees with his strategy. We have to see if this works as the core demands like lifting tax cap on diesel is overlooked. With the fluctuating crude oil prices, RTC has lost huge in the last five years.

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