#Corona Lockdown: KCR Threatens With Shoot At Sight

When the government orders a lockdown, it is a lockdown. It is a highly emergency situation where the people are asked to stay home in an effort to flatten the curve. But the enthusiastic public in many areas could not take it seriously and a lot of them got their vehicles seized and got warnings on roads. Though the police are punishing the violators, the lockdown is not that effective.

Now, Telangana CM KCR in his pressmeet, warns of dire consequences if the public choose to ignore the strict laws for their own interests. KCR spoke about issuing Curfew for 24 hours and shoot-at-sight orders if that did not work.

KCR held a high level meeting at Pragathi Bhavan and later spoke to the media. ‘If people refuse to cooperate with the police and government, then we would impose 24 hours curfew. A person from Nirmal escaped from the cops thrice. This is the situation and if it continues, we might deploy army,’ said KCR.

KCR, while speaking about how the public is coming out on roads when there is a lockdown, brought the reference of the situation in many countries like the USA that has the army deployed to put the people home.

KCR warned the public to stay home to avoid a 24-hour curfew followed by shoot-at-sight orders if curfew fails to keep the citizens inside their houses. He even warned of deploying the army to the state of Telangana and asked the people to not bring that stage and instead stay home with self-regulation.

The Telangana CM also lashed out at the public representatives and questioned what are they doing. ‘GHMC has 150 corporators and there are not to be seen on the roads instructing the people. I also order MLAs, MLCs and others to go to their respective constituencies and work with police, health and revenue officers,’ said KCR.

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