High Court serious On YSRCP Color Politics

After coming to power, one of the strangest decisions of YSRCP government is color. Many government offices and Panchayat administrative centers, even graveyards and statues were painted in blue and green which are YSRCP flag colors.

The pictures and videos of these things went viral in the social media. Netizens trolled YSRCP mercilessly yet the government was unmoved by their decision. They did not bother about the opposition party’s outrage also. But we know somewhere some day something has to come to an end and finally this reached the High Court.

A petition has filed against coloring the Panchayat office of Pallapadu village of Vatticheruvu mandal in Guntur district. Suggesting the YSRCP government not to indulge in such silly things, the court expressed anger too. “Such actions are not appropriate and be it any party in government, coloring of government offices in political party’s colors should be avoided,” said the court.

Also, the High Court has asked Guntur collector to file a detailed report on this whole episode in ten days. Well, the YSRCP government did not bother about oppositions and general public. What will it say to the court is something would be interesting to know.

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