IPS officers condemn TDP allegations!

The wild allegations being levelled by the Telugu Desam Party leaders against the police department stating that the police were toeing the line of YSR Congress party government led by Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and foisting false cases against the political rivals evoked strong protests from the IPS officers.

The Andhra Pradesh IPS Officers’ Association on Tuesday issued a statement strongly rebutting the allegations against the police.

Without naming the TDP, the association condemned such mudslinging against the department which would demoralise the police machinery.

The statement reads: “Of late, it has become a practice for certain political parties to level unsubstantiated allegations attributing motives to the police personnel, right from the rank of the constable to the DGP (head of the police force).

The trend is more pronounced in the aftermath of the recent visit of the Leader of the Opposition to the Amaravati capital region where it was specifically alleged that certain protests and overt acts were carried out with the active support of the police.

The Andhra Pradesh IPS Association places on record its anguish and strongly condemns such statements which demoralise the police force and undermine the selfless service, hard work and sacrifices of the entire force that works ceaselessly day and night to ensure public safety, peace and tranquillity.

The Andhra Pradesh IPS Association appeals to all political parties to exercise restraint in their public utterances which needlessly dent the police image and adversely impact the discharge of its duties and responsibilities.”

The statement came hours after the TDP leaders lodged a complaint with the Governor Bishwabhushan Harichandan alleging that the police had failed to protect the rights of the opposition leader.

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