Is this the plan of YSRCP for Nimmagadda?

After a massive uproar in the state political circles about the local body elections’ commencement in Andhra Pradesh, a few days back, the environment has been silent for now. Nimmagadda made it clear that the government has no say in the elections and they will release a schedule as soon as possible. On the other side Jagan’s government is so determined to halt the process.

In this situation, everything seemed so calm about this election thing and then former MP JC Diwakar’s comments led to a thought towards the whole new angle. Speaking of Nimmagadda, JC said he was determined to retire without holding a by-election. He questioned whether Nimmagadda alone could hold elections without the cooperation of the government.

JC said that if Nimmagadda goes to court for a solution, he would retire by the time the verdict gets passed and then there will be no use fighting the issue with this much effort. He said the conduct of the elections would be possible only if there was good coordination between the government and the Election Commission.

“Nimmagadda had forgotten that it was the government that had to provide the machinery as well as the necessary funds to hold the elections,” added JC. Now this seems like Plan-B of the YSRCP to delay the process as much as they can and let Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar leave the office. If that is the case, Nimmagadda might already be ready with the alternative but JC says that he doesn’t think the postponed elections would take place in the near future.

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