Jr NTR Is Not Bigger Than Party: Balayys’s Alludu

Balayya’s second son-in-law and husband of Nandamuri Tejeswini Sri Bharat’s comments on Jr NTR have become hot topic in TDP circles.

Bharat, who contested from Vizag Parliament against Janasena’s Lakshminarayana and YCP’s MVV Satyanarayana, lost to MVV Satyanarayana. Bharat is overcoming his defeat and coming out into public.

When one of media persons asked Bharat about Jr NTR’s re-entry into TDP and the prospects of TDP, Bharat responded saying that NTR should approach party but not otherwise. He said no individual is above the party and said party is the supreme power.

Bharat opined that he won’t agree that Jr NTR alone can rescue the party and he said it is nothing but devaluing the young and dynamic leadership TDP has.

While there is nothing wrong in Bharat’s comments at large, but the timing and context of the comments have kicked up a big debate. TDP’s fans and leaders have divided on Bharat’s comments. A section of TDP which is strongly supporting Jr NTR has found the comments ‘offensive’.

NTR’s fans too hurt with these remarks and took to social media to counter Bharat. The huge social media war between TDP’s hard-core fans and Jr NTR’s die-hard fans is causing embarrassment to the party and is doing more damage than it was expected.

Bharat being a novice in politics, he should refrain from making such comments. In fact, leaders like Yanamala, Achchannaidu, Kala Venkat Rao, Rammohan Naidu, Lokesh and many others won’t respond to such questions or deal with smartly, what is so hurry for a young leader like Bharat to respond on such tricky topic.

Jr NTR topic in TDP is nothing but a hornet’s nest. The better one stays away from it the best. And such issues would get ideal solution over the time. Time is the best solution for such issues. Bharat might have tasted the heat and might have learnt the lesson now.

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