Nandigam Suresh: RRR plans to get Dalit people shot by his security

While YSRCP member and Narasapuram MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju continues to comment on his own party, other members of the party are also not holding back when it comes to commenting back on RRR’s criticisms. This is exactly what has happened now, with MP Nandigam Suresh heavily criticising RRR’s continued reckless behavior.

Speaking about the same, Suresh said that RRR has recently made derogatory comments against the Dalits, where RRR said that he would slap the people belonging to the community with his shoes. Suresh also said that RRR has the least respect for the Dalit community, and that the security provided to RRR should be taken away from him, because RRR allegedly said that he would use this securtiy to get the Dalit people killed.

Suresh has also said that he has complained to SP Commission‌ Member‌ Ramulu, about RRR’s derogatory comments on the Dalit community. Suresh also added that RRR won the elections because the Dalit community voted for him, and said that he should be thankful to them, instead of speaking in such an uruly fashion about them.

Furthermore, Suresh also said that RRR is shamelessly roaming around in Delhi, and does not have the guts to come to Andhra Pradesh. He even pointed out that the Dalit community people belonging to RRR’s constituency are ready to revolt against him and make him pay for his comments. Suresh said that RRR should realise that he’s nto special and that he too is an equal like all else.

Suresh even pointed out that everyone knew the secret to RRR’s financial success, and what all illegitimate things he was up to, to be able to earn so much. He added that RRR would soon come to his senses once he realised that the people do not recognise him as their leader anymore.

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