Now, Roja to host KCR?

TRS supremo and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao appears to be extending the ‘bonhomie’ between TRS and YSRCP to the next level leaders of YSRCP.

KCR as of now has been moving closely with AP CM and YSRCP supremo YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Jagan’s two close aides YSRCP Rajya Sabha member Vijayasai Reddy and YSRCP Lok Sabha member PV Mithun Reddy.

Now, KCR wants to take his friendship with YSRCP more forwar by extending his friendly hand to next rung of leaders in YSRCP.

KCR, all of a sudden, has decided to visit the residence of YSRCP MLA and actress Roja in Nagari in Chittoor district today. That too, not once, but twice in a single day.

KCR took a sudden decision to visit Kancheepuram today to meet seer and seek his blessings. He took a special flight from Begumpet airport.

KCR decided to fly from Begumpet airport to Tirupathi first, take a break to visit Roja’s house in Nagari, have breakfast at her residence and then leave for Kancheepuram.

While returning back, KCR has decided to visit Roja’s house again, have dinner and leave for Hyderabad.

KCR visiting Roja’s house twice on a single day has raised many a eyebrows.

This is because Roja is neither contemporary of KCR in politics, is not asenior politician or an actress of a stature whom a CM should meet.

However, everyone is left clueless why KCR is giving so much importance to Roja.

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