Pawan Wants Telugu For AP Kids, But His Kids In EM Schools

Whenever there is a crisis situation, Janasena president Pawan Kalyan responds with supporting quotes and historical references, which is a great thing of sorts coming from the person who wants to bring change in the way politics are being done. But then, in public life, people start comparing whenever leaders turn preachy.

Pawan is seen taking a hard stand against Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan’s decision to cut down Telugu medium in government schools and teach only in English medium. Though many hailed Jagan’s decision as something that is gonna kill Telugu forever, those who have come from Telugu medium and failed to crack Corporate Jobs for years, are all praises on the CM for this remarkable move.

On the other hand, Pawan gave quotes from Tilak and other British-Telugu writers as well, explaining the beauty of Telugu and how native language should be preserved. Reacting on this, Pawan fans are celebrating big time as to how the Janasenani highlighted the need for the revival of Telugu.

But then there is criticism everywhere that goes likes this. “When Pawan’s kids are studying English medium in international schools, such that they could conquer the world easily, why does he wants AP kids to study in Telugu medium? Maybe he should have stressed to make Telugu a compulsory subject, (which is already in schools with State Syllabus) but not Telugu medium for government schools” read few comments.

Though Pawan is able to click in films even though he hasn’t passed Intermediate, that will not be the situation for all. Every graduate should be able to communicate in English very well these days to grab big jobs. Even Government jobs of high profile need high-level English proficiency. Maybe time for Pawan to address the other side of the debate.

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