PIL filed against AP High Court, in Supreme Court

The situation in Andhra Pradesh is chaotic, especially with respect to the way the government and the judiciary are working. At least, this is what a majority of the population living in Andhra Pradesh thinks.

T Koteshwar Rao, who is a practising advocate in Telangana and Andhra high courts and also Central Administrative Tribunal, has written a letter to the Chief Justice of India, SA Bobde, in which he has stated that the High Court of Andhra Pradesh has made some unnecessarily scathing remarks against the DGP of AP, Gautam Sawang. The letter has been accepted by the Supreme Court, which has now decided to have a hearing of this case.

In his letter, Rao stated that the High Court’s remarks where it asked the DGP to resign from his job in case he was not capable of controlling the police, were derogatory to the DGP’s position. The HC had made such remarks during the hearing of a case filed by the family member of a lawyer, who was arrested by the AP police. The AP HC had asked the DGP to bring into effect the Rule of Law, which he failed to do, following which, the HC had made such remarks during the hearing of the case.

Rao also mentioned that the people of the state would lose their faith in the judiciary, if it went on to make such remarks, without proper justification. He also stated that the common man would not anymore believe in the government he has voted for. Furthermore, Rao requested the Supreme Court to make sure that such statements are not made in the future, so that the sanctity of the Judiciary would remain intact.

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