PM Speech: All pomp, no substance

Indian Prime Minister Narednra Modi had addressed the nation today at 4:00 PM, after a long gap. The first time he addressed the nation, he announced the nationwide lockdown that was effective from March 25th. This nationwide lockdown lasted for about two months, until May 15th, after which the governments of the country started to give relaxations all across the country.

With the Prime Minister posed to give a speech today, the entire nation was expecting something shocking, or at least surprising from the Prime Minister. However, the speech turned out to be a little underwhelming. The following are the points that the Prime Minister spoke about in his speech today:

1. He asked all the citizens of India to take more care of themselves, now that the rainy season has kicked in, in the country.

2. He said that despite the rate at which Coronavirus cases are increasing in the country, the situation is still in control when compared to many other countries. He also said that the death toll was also under control, and all measures are being taken to make sure that things get much better in the country.

3. The Prime Minister also said that all those who violate the rules need to be stopped, and that they would have to face consequences if they didn’t. He said that no one was above the rules and laws of the country, even the leader of the country.

4. Talking about negligence, he said that everyone was neglecting personal safety and was being careless about the present situation. The Prime Minister requested everyone to be more responsible and take better care of themselves during this deadly pandemic.

5. The Prime Minister also addressed the Gareeb Kalyan Rozgar Ayojana, and said that Rs. 1800 crores have been deposited into the bank accounts of farmers across India, directly. The Gareeb Kalyan Rozgar Ayojana has also been launched for the migrant workers, and nearly 80 crore people have received 5 Kg rice, and 1 kg cereal free of cost in the months that have passed.

6. Adding to the above, he said that the government would continue to give away 5 kg rice and 1 kg cereal free of cost till the end of November, as there are many festivals ahead of us in the months to come.

7. The Prime Minister also spoke about a One Nation One Ration Card policy, that will greatly benefit migrant workers.

The speech was quite informative, but there were a lot of expectations over what the Prime Minister would have to say about the current tensions between India and China. People also expected him to address the martyred soldiers at Galwan Valley in Ladakh, but none of these points were spoken about. It would have been so much better had the Prime Minister addressed more issues concerning the country.

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