Present Mayor Now Limited To One GHMC Division

Amid all hullabaloo, present GHMC mayor Bonthu Rammohan is largely forgotten. Despite being the mayor of the city for five years, he is not in any demand for campaign. No one asks him. In fact, no one is missing his absence.

Bonthu’s political career is looking at the sunset. He has not been given ticket either as an MLA or as an MLC. He was not even nominated as a candidate for MP seat. Now that the mayor’s position has been reserved for women, he has no chance of getting re-elected as mayor. Though his wife Sridevi has been given a TRS ticket, there are chances that she will remain a mere corporator even if elected.

Sources say KCR and KTR have begun cutting his to size ever since Rammohan was found to be involved in land scams in various parts of the city. Though he did make some efforts to get closer to them and explain his position, the top brass of the TRS did not give him any chance. As a result, the sitting mayor is finding himself isolated and all alone this time.

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