Raju Ravitej Resigns With Shocking Statement, Pawan Kalyan Accepts

In a major set back to Pawan Kalyan, Janasena’s once most important member, Raju Ravitej released a shocking statement against Janasena, his part in it and about Pawan Kalyan too. In his press release, Raju Ravitej disowned Janasena and he wishes to work with Pawan kalyan never again.

Raju Ravitej also came down heavily on the party chief with words like ‘dangerous divisive force driven by vindictiveness and caste & religious hate’. With leaders like Ex JD Lakshmi Narayana staying away, only MLA Rapaka and now the pillar in back end, Raju Ravitej contradicting the ideas and idealogy of Pawan Kalyan in a strong voice is sure a huge blow on Janasena chief.

Pawan Kalyan too released a short press note accepting the resignation of Raju Ravitej, also mentioning that he quit the party earlier saying the same and joined back, which looked a bit sarcastic.

Rumors on Pawan Kalyan issuing a show cause notice and along with rumors on suspending Janasena’s only MLA Rapaka Vara Prasad Rao has become a wild fire yesterday. It turned even bigger when Rapaka himself threw it back at Pawan Kalyan in an open statement about his unwillingness to work in Janasena and proven strength challenging the party chief himself.

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