RRR challenges YSRCP for re-elections, says he’s ready to resign

YSRCP member and Narasapuram MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju has become very famous for criticising his own party, rather than the opposition parties. The MP has been going against every decision the government has taken so far, which created a great difference between him and his party members, so much so that they are demanding for his resignation.

However, RRR is not backing down from either his post or his remarks, and constantly keeps making statements against his own party. RRR has now surprised everyone with his brand new statements, in which he challenged YSRCP for re-elections. TDP Chief and opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu had previously challenged the YSRCP for the same, but the ruling party didn’t care to respond.

RRR has now thrown the same challenge at his own party, with a few modifications, that are enough for the ruling party to know if the people of the state want one Capital or three capitals. RRR said that he is ready to resign to his post as MP, and let the government conduct re-elections in Narasapuram, as a referendum, since cancelling the current government would not be practical.

RRR said that he would immediately resign his post if Jagan gave orders for re-election in Narasapuram. This way, RRR said that it was possible to know what the people of the state want, by not cancelling the government and by also conducting re-elections.

The YSRCP government hasn’t yet responded to RRR’s statements, and it will definitely be interesting to see if the party will jump at the opportunity where they can see RRR resign to his post, or if they will remain silent, keeping the 3 Capital plan in mind.

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