RRR: Jagan, I love you, I am in love with you

YSRCP member and Narasapuram MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju continues to criticise the AP government through his continuous press meets. RRR has now even increased the dose of his sarcasm, after reportedly being banned from the party.

Speaking to the media in Delhi today, RRR shared his experience from when they were all first elected as the MPs, from 2019. RRR said that he saw a dynamic ruler in CM Jagan. RRR said that all the MPs were asked to share their experiences when they were first elected.

RRR said that there was one person who’s acting skills surpassed that of Shivaji Ganesan and even Kamal Haasan’s. RRR said that this person stood up and said that he used to buy Banana Leaves, and immediately collapsed onto the floor, as though he didn’t have any energy left in him. RRR said that he couldn’t name the person, because the constitution has not given him the liberty to do so.

Addressing Jagan directly, RRR said that while Jagan loves films and many actors from the film industry, RRR advised him to not trust real life actors. RRR said that these real life actors are the ones that are causing damage to Jagan’s image in the public.

Furthermore, RRR said that his love story with Jagan is one-sided, and that RRR loves him and will continue to love him. He even said that he wouldn’t cry or make a scene like the others because he is banned from the party, but he did say that he would have to find another leader to love, if the situation did not get any better.

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