RRR: Jagan is not willing to sleep until he gets revenge on me

YSRCP member and Narasapuram MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju has not been on the best of terms with any of his party members for a long time now. Ever since the MP started to object to the decisions taken by his party, YSRCP members have been trying to make the Minister shut his mouth somehow or the other.

When nothing else worked, they even tried to threaten him, saying that he would be killed, and even show-cause notices were shown to the minister. However, RRR bent to none of these, and continues to stand on his own ground, still making sure that his voice is heard.

Speaking about the recent reports that said RRR’s Hyderabad house was raided by the CBI, RRR said that it was Jagan’s doing all the way. He said that Jagan made his assistant Praveen Prakash use the latter’s influence in the CBI to file FIRs on the spot, and to get the Minister’s house raided under no proper means. RRR also said that Jagan is not willing to sleep until he makes sure that RRR is silenced once and for all.

RRR also said that there’s no way in which his transactions are illegal, or that he is indebted to banks by huge amounts, as all of his dues are clear and transparent. RRR also spoke about how one particular media house affiliated to the Chief Minister is indulging in false propaganda about the Minister, and certain institutions of the Constitution, which is a very sad state.

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