RRR officially banned from YSRCP?

YSRCP member and Narasapuram MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju and his own party haven’t been able to get along together for quite some time now. RRR has been voicing his opinions on the party’s decisions for a long time now, and all of those opinions are in stark contrast to what the government has been doing.

This has not been going down very well with anyone from the party, as a result of which RRR had also been threatened to be killed. Following the threatening calls, RRR shifted base to Delhi, from where he is making all of his press statements, with regular press meets.

The Parliament sessions are about to start very soon, for the Monsoon session this year, amking it the first sessions since the onset of Coronavirus. Chief Minister Y.S.Jagan had asked all the Ministers and MLAs of the party to take part in a video conference with him, in which he would be discussing the way the party had to proceed in the assembly sessions.

RRR said that he initially got a text message, asking him to take part in the video conference, but that message was followed by a phone call from AP bhavan, asking him not to attend the video conference. RRR said that this might mean that the party is banning him.

Speaking about the incident, RRR said that he was clearly told that he had nothing to do with the party anymore, and that it is his duty to stick to the orders that he has received from the party administration. RRR also added that he would be consulting with legal experts before he could do anything else about what’s been told to him.

RRR also said that there are chances of an official notification being given to him about the very same, very soon. Well, it is going to be interesting to see what RRR will do if he is indeed officially removed from the party.

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