Telangana’s handling of Covid-19 best among south States: Report

HYDERABAD: Telangana government performed the best among the five southern States in a Covid-19 Performance Index developed by the FICCI, ASCI and FTCCI. On three indices of detection, containment and treatment, Telangana performed the best in slowing down the virus spread, conducting a steady number of tests, encouraging home quarantine and reducing the deaths in the State.

The ranking was part of the Phase II projections by the three organisations in a report called ‘Covid-19 Action Plan: Recommendations for Telangana Government (Phase II).’

The States’ performances were based on the Covid-19 tests done per 1,000 individuals, per confirmed case and per confirmed death.

They have also analysed the confirmed cases per million, doubling time of cases and deaths per million and the time taken for death tolls to double. Pit against the other south States, Telangana came second in detection, first in containment and second in treatment. “Growth rate of Covid-19 cases is declining in the GHMC and rural areas. The gap between our worst-case and conservative analysis is minimal, which means that exponential growth in cases is slowing,” said Dr Saswat Mishra, Assistant Professor, Centre for Health Management, ASCI.

By December, they predict daily caseload to be around 2,086 in a conservative case or 2,349 in worst case. The daily deaths will also be 11 per day in conservative scenario against 16 in the worst case. The report suggests that to tackle this, the beds are sufficient and so are the tests, but not manpower.

“Telangana has done well because of the combined efforts of healthcare professionals, citizens and the government. However, we have to be cautious about the festive season, onset of winters and second wave. The government must focus on increasing manpower in the health department and ensure infectivity rate among them is lowered,” said Dr Subodh Kandamuthan, Professor and Director, Centre for Health Care Management, ASCI.

Recommendations by the report

Guidelines for referral transport (ambulances)
Telemedicine to be expanded to all districts
Covid-dedicated pharmacies selling essentials at fixed price
Increasing number of nurses nurses, Asha workers, paramedics, technicians

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