The tragic story of Telangana’s fight against Coronavirus

When Coronavirus first started out in India, and in Telangana, the Chief Minister of Telangana – K. Chandrasekhar Rao was truly inspirational in all the things he shared with the people of his state, through his many press meets. The Chief Minister was also highly appraised by several prominent politicians in India, for the way he was handling the situation in the state.

KCR was also very supportive, and promised the people of his state to trust him to do the right thing. He said that this deadly pandemic would soon be behind us, and that he would make sure that the virus stays at bay in the state. However, a few weeks later, things seem to have taken a total 180 degree turn, with no more press meets, and no more guarantees.

Hundreds of cases are being reported in Telangana on a daily basis, and most of them happen to be from Hyderabad. All the private and government hospitals in the city are now being overwhelmed with the increased number of cases, and patients are posting videos of how the infrastructure in government hospitals are not up to the mark. One patient recently posted a video from Chest Hospital, and clearly stated that he was not put on a ventilator despite having difficulty in breathing. As a result, the man died on that very day.

Telangana Health Minister Eatala Rajendar Reddy’s comments on this incident were more horrifying than the incident itself. He said that the patients are misusing the freedom given to them by the government, in allowing them to use their phones. This comment from the Minister was downright outrageous and highly insensitive.

On the other hand, while other states are conducting at least 20,000 tests per day, Telangana is not able to conduct even 5,000 tests in a day. Even when patients are going to government approved hospitals and labs to get themselves tested, they are being charged hefty amounts.

With the rainy season kicking in, people are now even more scared – scared to even get tested, as they fear that they might leave the house without Coronavirus and then come back with it.

If the government doesn’t step up at least now, and try to make things right in the state, Hyderabad – with a population of over 1 crore people – might soon see situations worse than that currently prevalent in Mumbai and Chennai.

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