Why is Kishan Reddy looking so unhappy?

Have you seen Union Minister of State for Home G Kishan Reddy of late? He is not smiling nor is he greeting anyone. He appears to be merely going through the motions. Why is he so sullen? Sources say that he has also been quite sullen even while in Delhi.

Some of his personal staff members too are afraid of talking to him due to what they call his ‘bad temper.’ He has been seen yelling at some of his staff members of late. Sources say that his anger is due to the adverse publicity against him within the BJP. Ever since, he delayed going to Dubbak, when the police raided Raghunandan Rao’s house, a big section of the BJP’s young cadre have attacked him on the social media.

Another source says that more than this, Kishan Reddy is sullen because of there are reports that both Modi or Amit Shah are not happy with his performance as a minister. There are also rumours that he could either be shifted to some other department or could even be dropped from the Union Cabinet. Sources say that he had already been sounded out and hence he is quite unhappy these days.

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