Allu Arjun Bringing Out A Pan-Indian Project

Even before Prabhas scaled to become a pan-Indian star, Chiranjeevi got his Sye Raa released across India, Allu Arjun made his mark by becoming a sought after hero in Kerala and earning a strong fanbase across Mallu lands. But then, he has failed to cash on that craze due to reasons better known to him.

Right now, almost every Telugu hero is looking forward to expanding his presence throughout the country and Allu Arjun is not an exception. Rather picking another film for his pan-Indian debut, we hear that Bunny has chosen Sukumar’s project as the coveted one that could take him to new heights.

As the red-sander-smuggling in Nallamala forests has a universal appeal because that is rampant across the globe and across India in the forest areas, he is now looking forward to releasing the film in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali if possible. Taking Sukku’s dialogue version, we hear that they are getting the dialogues of other languages written. Such that they will be shooting a few close shots with multiple takes, catering each take to each language.

Surely this is going to be a pan-Indian project then, so let us see what magic Allu Arjun and Sukumar will do now. Earlier the duo have rocked with Arya and Arya 2.

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