#BiggBoss Beauty In Financial Crunch?

Participating in #BiggBoss might give them the instant craze, but there is no assurance that their careers will take a new turn after they come out of this reality show. There are plenty of examples we could talk about, and one of them is none other than Nandini Rai who has rocked in #BiggBoss2 last year.

Neelam Ghourrani, who won the Miss Andhra title a decade ago, got rechristened as Nandini Rai and tried her luck. But the Sindhi girl from Hyderabad who has completed her MBA from London is said to have made some wrong moves. After some bad selection of films, she entered Bigg Boss 2 but then took an exit in no time.

After coming out of the show, the actress has reportedly invested most of her hard-earned money from Bigg Boss and other assignments on photoshoot only. Reports are coming out that she has knocked doors of many directors and producers, but none gave her a break. And that apparently led to a financial crunch for the actress.

Finally, she found an offer, and that too from Bollywood, thereby deciding to move to Mumbai now. Hope Hindi film industry will fulfill her dream.

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