#BiggBoss4: Big Hero’s Fans Targeting That News Anchor?

Recently we have seen how a struggling heroine who has almost exited film industry, and how happens to be a fan of that particular star hero, has commented on the hero itself. Her comments got spiraled into a major controversy when a TV channel made an issue out of it by holding debates.

Since then, the fans of that star hero are actually targeting the news channel as they have even trended a hashtag to shame the channel by putting lakhs of tweets. And now, they are said to be targeting a contestant of #BiggBoss4 who has worked all her life in that channel as a news anchor and reporter.

But that, isn’t that quite wrong to target that anchor this way? As far as that channel is concerned, the shows and the opinions are something to do with the management but not anchors. And then, when Big Boss is concerned, one should vote as per the merit of the contestants but not with personal vendettas. Neutral netizens are now requesting the big hero’s fans to not target the news anchor that way.

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