Buzz: Trivikram’s Bhajana and Chiranjeevi’s Tapana

Apparently, the much hyped interview of director Trivikram, where he shared his feelings about Sye Raa with Megastar Chiru and Ram Charan is out but haven’t impressed cinema lovers big time, says the buzz. Wonder why?

At most of the times, it appeared like Megastar Chiru is showcasing his exaggerated ‘tapana’ to promote himself. For a man of his stature, it is not needed to repeatedly tell that Surender Reddy hasn’t immediately accepted the film but took 20 days to come aboard.

Also though it sounds exciting for fans to see Chiru sharing about what Venky and Nag said to him, coming to his home, for others this sounds cliche. It is better if those celebs endorse their views publicly on social media domain.

Cut to Trivikram, we have him praising Chiranjeevi for every little thing and that sounded like a ‘bhajana’ to impress him. At the same time, Trivikram hailed the decision of Charan to not print numbers of posters, which sounded like another flattery. If the director is really moved by that deicison one wonders why he hasn’t implemented the same for the films made by people close to him.

On a whole, the interview didn’t have major goosebumps giving moments, though it is a fun ride and fans find it very enjoyable.

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