Can Manoj goes in foot steps of Prabhas?

The super success of Baahubali in Hindi and Telugu, and the successful remake of Arjun Reddy in Hindi by a Telugu director itself, has opened the thought of going to Bollywood for almost all the happening heroes. And it looks like the bug has touched Manchu Manoj as well now.

Taking a brief hiatus of 3 years from work due to the bad films he has done previously and also due to some turbulent things happening on the personal front, talented hero Manoj didn’t sign any movie. After wrapping divorce formalities with wife, he is now back to focus on cinema as he picked newcomer Srikanth Reddy as director for his project.

Titled ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, the film will be made in Telugu and released in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages. Till date, no other hero other than Prabahs has succeeded in impressing pan-India audiences, as the recent attempts like Spyder and Sye Raa have failed to click. We have to see what Manchu Manoj will do.

Manoj’s new movie will be launched on March 6th and rest of the star cast will be announced that day.

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