Celebrity Covid-19 Cases: What’s The Reason?

Whether it Amitabh Bachhan or SS Rajamouli, many wonder how come celebrities are contracting Covid-19. Especially with these celebs using costly N95 masks, following all the precautions like sanitising hands and homes daily, how would have coronavirus reached them is the primary question.

One thing is that some celebrities haven’t stopped partying and those celebs who have fallen victim to Covid-19 after their pleasure activities haven’t even reported about it in the public. But the likes of Rajamouli and Amitabh Bachhan, who have darlingly gone public with the revelation that they are Covid-19 positive patients, are quite gutsy in the first place.

Some say that maybe it is through their maids and other domestic help who are regularly frequenting markets and shops to fetch groceries these big celebs might have got Covid-19. They say that lack of proper awareness among these maids and helps is the reason for the transmission of the virus into these big celeb homes.

On the other hand, some say that newspapers and cash notes are carrying the virus for sure, and handling them might have caused these big celebs to catch Covid-19. Whatever it is, if it could reach Bacchan and Rajamouli’s home, definitely it could reach our home too. So just be careful.

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