Chiru-Lucifer: Meher Ramesh Trying His Luck!

It is almost every Telugu filmmaker’s dream to direct Megastar Chiranjeevi at least once in his career. Directors like Trivikram and Sukumar openly said that, but they themselves are waiting for the mega chance from time to let that happen. And here comes an interesting snippet.

Director Meher Ramesh, who exclusively banks on delivering stylish content but lacked the basic story sense, is said to be trying to reach Megastar Chiranjeevi now. This is for a reason. Though Meher failed as a director in terms of story and screenplay, the stylish look of his films including Billa and Shadow are worth mentioning. He’s banking on the same factor to ask Chiranjeevi for a chance.

As the news is out that Megastar is getting ready to remake “Lucifer” in Telugu, already there is talk that they have asked Sukumar to direct it, but the filmmaker hasn’t obliged. Jumping into this opportunity, Meher is said to be trying his luck if Chiru will give a chance to him.

As the story and scenes are fixed, and Chiranjeevi himself will take care of the dialogue version, surely Meher could chance provided with the fact that he tries to reach his cousins in the right channel. Of course, you might have not remembered, but Meher Ramesh is a relative of Mega family.

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