Dil Raju Stepped On Fox Tail For The First Time

By producing nearly half a dozen films everywhere either directly or indirectly, Dil Raju is the only producer in Tollywood who operates like a university that runs various courses in an academic year. And then, he has stepped on fox tail for the first time in his carer.

Raju has seen tremendous blockbusters and irrecoverable disasters in his epic career of nearly 15 years in the Telugu film industry as a producer. But for all his big blockbusters, no big hero who has worked in his banner ever promoted the film for 10 days after its release. And for the first time, Superstar Mahesh is actually doing that for Dil Raju and Co.

Other day Mahesh pulled a surprise by visiting Sudharshan 35MM theatres at RTC X Roads to check out the reactions of cinema lovers who are watching Maharshi movie. And Mahesh is joined by Allari Naresh, Pooja Hegde, Vamsi Paidipally and Dil Raju as well. All these acts truly promote the film in a big way as a positive word of mouth will go due to a star hero visiting theatres.

Hope all this luck will help Dil Raju and his distributors mint profits rather just getting stopped at the borderline.

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