Firebrand Teja Mellows Down!

Director Teja often branded as firebrand director has suddenly become diplomatic. Contrary to his nature, the director is not making wild comments on anyone.

In a recent TV interview, he said didn’t beat Kajal Aggarwal or Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas during the shoot of “Sita”.

In the past, several actors levelled allegations that he slapped on their faces when they didn’t give required expression during the filming process. Teja seems to have mellowed down in life.

The most surprising admission was that he walked out of NTR Biopic project because he felt he couldn’t do justice to the movie. The explanation he gave was lame excuse. He is clearly being diplomatic now.

Now that NTR Biopic movies bombed at the box-office, he doesn’t want to add salt to injury and irritate Balakrishna further.

People close to the developments say, Teja walked out from the project as he had huge creative differences with Nandamuri Balakrishna.

Balayya wanted to don various getups of the characters that his father NT Rama Rao portrayed in his long career to which Teja objected.

Teja wanted to explore more about NTR’s lesser-known off-screen life. This led to differences between them. But Teja is putting blame on himself for the walkout, obviously not to rub Balakrishna on the wrong side.

As they say, once you hit 50 (Teja is now in his early 50’s), you lose fire and gain more patience.

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