Flop Heroine Sharpens Her Dancing Skills

Apparently, she became the talk of the town too many times, especially when she openly spoke about going naked on the screen if the scene demands. She even did a lot of bold movies where she exposed her glamour in the best way possible. Radhika always had a solid explanation for being different and bold in her own way.

“Having grown up watching world cinema, I understood that Nudity is also an Art which is in our culture itself. I have seen a lot of artists giving nude performances in India and other countries,” said Radhika Apte about her view on nudity in movies. She also made it clear that she does not have hard feelings to reveal her body in front of the camera as she feels that her body becomes a tool in conveying a story in the proper manner.

Now, all eyes are on the news that Radhika’s movie ‘The Wedding Guest.’ The film released last year and the Indian audiences do not have access for it. As per the latest buzz, we hear that the movie will be made available online soon for Indian viewers.

The film features a lot of bold scenes where Radhika exposed her body completely. Some of the scenes are leaked on social media already. Those who watched them are eagerly waiting for the release of the movie in India. Dev Patel who was seen in Slumdog Millionaire is also a part of the project.

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