Gossip: Music Director Asks For Moon!

If it is not from his own pocket, one can go to any extent in spending money on a project. This is what a top music director in Tollywood is doing now.There is already a talk in the Telugu film industry that this gentleman fleeces producers to the maximum extent for giving music for the films he does.

Since there are only one or two big names that are popular in the film industry doing music for big ticket films, the producers are forced cough up money on them, fulfilling all their desires.This particular music director is composing music for one of the big films to be released in the coming festive season.

He has completed composing songs and is now left with re-recording. Sources said this music director put forth a proposal that he would do re-recording abroad.The producers, who were already feeling squeezed with the huge expenditure on the film due to over-shooting of the budget, were shocked with the music director’s proposal.

Forget about making some profits on the film, the producers were hoping to see that there would not be any big loss for them at the end of the day.
Under these circumstances, taking up re-recording in foreign countries would be an additional burden for the producers.

So, the producers reportedly managed to convince the music director to drop the proposal and take up the re-recording work either in Hyderabad or in Chennai.

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