Hashtag #UnsubscribeTseries trends after Sonu Nigam’s video goes viral

On Monday, Sonu Nigam slammed T-series’s chairman and managing director, Bhushan Kumar, alleging that the music business runs more like a mafia. After Sushanth Singh Rajput’s death, he addressed about a worst scenario that had been happening in the music industry. He told suicides could now happen in the music industry too. Soon the video spread like wild fire and became a sensation in no time. Nigam accused Kumar of a deliberate attempt to tarnish his image.

He pulled out Arjit Singh’s name and took a dig on Salman Khan’s bad gesture towards the singer. Sonu Nigam also sheds some light on the singing work behind the scenes. Many singers who get the call to sing for a song are often replaced with other known singer’s voice backed by ulterior motives. He claimed, it could either be out of recklessness or an intentional ousting. He said how the audio companies sometimes even smear campaign about singers if they have any grudge and try to cow them down. The singer also accused two music labels’ management about the intolerance towards upcoming singers and vent out his anger that the audio companies weren’t allowing newbies to sing in movies.

The blistering video gone viral on social media and those who were in agreement of the singer’s confession soon spread the news with a hashtag #unsubscribeTseries that trends now insanely. This was, however, in absolute contrast to what had happened earlier when the world’s most subscribed commentary and gaming channel ‘PewDiePie’ raced closer but lost its position to outperform the music production company ‘T-Series’. Now memes started cropping up on twitter by imagining how Pewdiepie aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg would take the advantage of this situation.

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