Hero Vishal Is The Real ‘Maharshi’

At a time when Mahesh Babu is celebrating the super success of “Maharshi” movie where he has addressed the plight of farmers, his fans are busy posing for pictures from the farms where they are jumping into the cultivated land and holding ploughs. But who is really helping farmers here?

In fact, hero Vishal is the one who has once again declared like earlier that a ‘rupee’ from each ticket sold of his latest movie Ayogya, Temper remake, will be sent to Tamilnadu Farmers Welfare. Ever since this news broke out, social media is abuzz with comments like star heroes may not make movies on farmers through which they make more money at the box office, but actually, they should support farmers.

Some have even gone on saying that Vishal is the Maharshi in real, as he’s always standing tall when it comes to helping others in one way or the other. Maybe Dil Raju and his hero Mahesh should also donate a part of their revenue from ‘Maharshi’ to farmers, is what few felt.

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