MAA Controversy: Naresh Vs Jeevitha Rajasekhar

The controversies surrounding the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) for last two years isn’t going to die anytime soon it seems. After the fight broke out between Sivaji Raja and Naresh earlier, now the fresh controversy erupted between MAA president Naresh and sitting executive president Rajasekhar.

The ego clash between Rajasekhar and Naresh is said to be the root cause of the fight. The MAA has now got divided into two major groups and other neutral group. While Naresh group and Rajasekhar group is engulfed in fight, others who haven’t taken either side formed as neutral group. The war escalated after Rajasekhar called for a meeting in the capacity of Executive President. This naturally hasn’t gone down well with President Naresh whose lawyer calls this meeting held by Rajasekhar as invalid.

Actor and SVBC Chairman Prudhvi, who also member of EC of MAA, too found fault with the happenings at MAA. He said the elections were held only eight months ago and he lamented that everyone in the EC (Executive Committee) of MAA feel that they are ‘President of India’.

Prudhvi advised everyone to work together for the progress of the poor actors. Prudhvi also pointed out that writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna was “insulted” at the meeting as he was not even “allowed” to talk. Prudhvi said he has come all the way from Tirupati to attend the MAA meeting as he was told it was “important”, however, he felt sad at the turn of events taking place in MAA.

He said the meeting was totally “unproductive” due to infighting. He asked the members of EC to immediately sort out differences and work in a healthy atmosphere. It is learnt that writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna had walked out of the meeting as he felt the meeting wasn’t conducted in a fair way.

On the other hand, as President Naresh moved the court over Rajasekhar calling for meeting without “informing” him, the issue had hit legal tangle. Jeevitha Rajasekhar clarified that the meeting they had called for was “friendly”. However, the court seems to have gave its opinion in favour of Rajasekhar’s meeting and it hasn’t found fault with the meeting. MAA President Naresh is yet to make his formal announcement on the happenings.

Industry bigwigs are breaking their heads over how to pacify the groupism in MAA so that it wouldn’t send wrong signals to people. Already, many have started looking down upon MAA owing to these infighting. The demand is growing that elders like Chiranjeevi, Krishnam Raju to intervene and sort out the issues of MAA as the things are getting worse with each passing day.

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