Old Video: Rashmika Gets Trolled

Rashmika Mandanna is being trolled for her old comments. One of her old interviews with Vijay Deverakonda during Geetha Govindam saw Rashmika talking about character, performance and she only choose roles with substance. She said on record that she wouldn’t do any film just for the sake of doing it and dance for the songs. “If I’m doing a character, there has to be meaning. Just for the sake of four songs, I’ll not do a movie,” Rashmika was seen saying in the video.

But a section of netizens are widely sharing this old video interview of Rashmika and citing her role in Sarileru Neekevvaru. As Rashmika’s role is very limited and doesn’t have much scope – other than dancing next to Mahesh, the Twitterati are wondering what happened to Rashmika and why she opted for it.

Besides Mind Block song and some laughs, Rashmika hardly gets noticed in the film that has Mahesh Babu stealing the show from start to the end. Now, Twitterati saying that Vijay Deverakonda was right in the interview when he had cautioned Rashmika about such statements.

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