Pic Talk: Mahesh & Gautam On Their Way Back

Mahesh Babu, apart from charming his fans with amazing movies, is also an ideal family man. He often spends quality time with his wife Namrata and kids. Creating lasting memories with time to time vacations is his forte as the father-son develop undivided bonding.

Keeping aside Mahesh’s conscious efforts in meeting his family’s happiness, the latest picture shows Mahesh and son Gautam seated in business class airlines. As we know, the family holidayed in the actor’s most favourite place, Switzerland. The picture was taken while returning to Hyderabad from a relaxed Swiss trip.

With headphones on, the father-duo looked pretty calm and rejoiced, enjoying their flight. Mahesh took the selfie and posted on his Instagram and Gautam is seen smiling adorably at the camera. The picture was captioned, “Back to school and work”. But we cannot ignore the fact that Mahesh looked so unbelievably young with his flawless skin and lifestyle.

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