Punarnavi’s Surprising Statement On #BiggBoss

Most of the Telugu celebrities who are joining Bigg Boss reality show are mostly focusing on two things. One is, how much they are getting paid to allow people to peep into their lives and how much fame they could amass from the program. But then, most of the celebs are giving negative feedback after coming out of the house.

Here comes last year’s sensation Punarnavi Bhupalam, who has grabbed the attention for her newfound glamour look inside the Bigg Boss house. Apparently this beautiful girl has won lots of brickbats for the negativity she showcased inside the house along with that bad attitude. Immediately after coming out of the house, she tried going super glamorous, but nothing worked out in terms of films for the actor.

And now, surprisingly she is saying that the best thing she has learnt after going to Bigg Boss house is that one should never go to Bigg Boss house. Of course, your real character gets known to the people and that might hamper career chances as well. From Kaushal to Sreemukhi, that’s the problem and Punarnavi is no different.

At a time when #BiggBoss4 is getting ready to start, this statement from the Uyyala Jampala actress is grabbing the attention.

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