Rajamouli To Approach RRR Like A Dam Project?

No one starts a dam project on one fine morning and announce in a month or two that they have completed it. Dams need planning and patience. Rajamouli has loads of patience to make his films exactly the way he envisions them. All his need are cast and crew that share his passion and give him the best support they can.

Now we hear that Rajamouli has decided to go for an approach in completing RRR that an engineer operates in constructing a dam. A phase wise approach.

What all has been shot and completed till date by RRR team has been checked to the minuscule detail and if anything needs correction then it will be taken up after the majority of the left out shoot is over.

For now, in this phase wise approach, he will finish individual scenes of NTR and Ram Charan separately, with limited crew. Once when he can recruit more number of people, then he has plans to go for next phase to conclude all the big sequences that includes action and songs.

The final phase will see Ram Charan, Jr. NTR and most of the cast participating in the shoot as by that time, he can shoot with the maximum number of people at full strength. After this, he will complete any re-shoots that he deemed necessary and complete the patch work as well.

To execute this plan, he has asked the cast and crew members to give their available dates and asked his core team to be prepared to take up multiple jobs, if necessary. Jr. NTR and Ram Charan have given up on all other projects for RRR, hence, they will be given the first priority in these phases.

But all this will start only in October from second week or third week, when the doctors predict reduction in the number of Covid cases in India. Until then the director will wait as he cannot shoot with 30 to 50 members of crew and shooting with more than that number has dangerous implications.

Disclaimery Note: This is written based on the information several sources have told us. None of it could be fact-checked. Hence, there is a chance of it being believable speculations that someone tried to sell us as facts.

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