Salman Khan And Ram Charan Follow Same Route

Mega hero Ram Charan’s wife Upasana Kamineni is killing it, as she brings fittest celebs every time and interviews them to find their fitness and health secrets. After Samantha and Sania Mirza, she has got none other than Salman Khan to her talk show.

On this occasion, Bollywood’s superstar Salman revealed what he actually eats daily to stay such fit. “Actually I don’t work out on the dining table. I workout in the gym. I will eat everything without any worry, and will work hard in the gym to make sure that both the mind and body are fit”.

Even Ram Charan also implements the same piece of thought as he too never distances himself from any particular food types, but he actually sweats it hard in the gym. There are many heroes who dont focus on diets but keeps fit by working hard as they pump iron rigorously in the gym. The likes of Prabhas, Allu Arjun and Jr NTR are the other examples we have in Tollywood who also follow a similar ideology.

Also Salman advised everyone to keep negative people aside and go ahead with the positivity and to positive things, in order to keep mind fit.

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