Super Talented Actor Is Drunk On #RRR Sets?

Many times there are complaints that few star heroes often end up on their sets in a drunken state. Some heroines like Neetu Chandra have openly accused that hero Rajasekhar comes to set in a drunken state and will be tough to work with him then. Here comes another such rumour.

This guy in our discussion happens to be a super talented actor who is known for his close association with a star hero. And somehow this guy is suffering from alcoholism from quite some time for reasons unknown. Apparently he is said to be turning up drunk on the sets of his upcoming film #RRR, thereby troubling director Rajamouli.

Though the actor hasn’t disturbed any with his acts, he was not able to concentrate on the dialogues given by the director. We hear that Rajamouli is trying to get him treated for his situation and taking care of him that things will be normal very soon.

Many talented Telugu actors often lost their lives due to excessive drinking that lead to various other health issues. Hope this guy doesn’t join that gang!

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