Suresh Babu Pushed Venky Mama for Salman Khan

Leaving the whole of November to some small budgeted films and those movies of small heroes, Tollywood is right now focussing on December big time. While the likes of Ruler, Disco Raja and Prathiroju Pandage are set for December 20th, now Venky Mama is aiming at 25th release.

Trade circuits have initially expected Venky Mama to release on 20th itself as producer Suresh Babu himself had many theatres in hand. But then, he surprised them all by choosing 25th as the date and there seems to be another reason altogether regarding the same. Reports are coming that Suresh is actually releasing a big Hindi film that day in Telugu states.

On December 20th, Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3 is hitting cinemas across the world. Other than the multiplex chains, rest of the release of the film in Hindi and Telugu versions, across Telugu states, will be taken care of Suresh Babu, say reports. That’s the reason he left out 20th, as he has to give many theatres to the Salman starrer directed by Prabhudeva.

As Suresh Babu holds a massive control on the distribution system and also owns many theatres, surely he could call the shots in whichever possible direction he wants to. Isn’t it?

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