Tamanna’s Khamoshi Trailer: A Copied Film?

Milky siren Tamanna is the first time doing a proper horrific thriller where there is no need for her to deliver some glamour doses. Featuring Prabhudeva as the antagonist, the film “Khamoshi” has its trailer released today.

Tamanna plays the role of a girl who happens to be a painter but can’t hear and speak. And then one day, a serial killer played by Prabhudeva finds about her as she’s alone in her mansion, doing the paintings. And now the film is about how Tamanna will be able to get rid of him or will he kill her in the end. Prabhudeva tried quite hard to impress as a killer, but somehow his exaggeration didn’t work. Tamanna is just okay in the role, while sound design is pretty good.

Moreover, the trailer proved that the film is the rip-off of 2016 Hollywood movie “Hush”, which features a similar girl, a killer, the girl’s friend (here Bhumika) and friend’s boyfriend. Whether Khamoshi is a remake of Hush or just a free-make is not known, but the Indianisation of it lacked any creative improvement.

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