This Jabardasth actor should learn a bit of acting

When it comes to cashing on the craze given by the adult comedy show, we might say that all the popular comedians are failing to do so. The likes of Sudigali Sudheer, Getup Sreenu, Punch Ram Prasad have all failed to do well in films in the small roles they were given. Only Chammak Chandra is a bit successful we must say. There’s a reason for that.

Today’s release Venky Mama has two Jabardasth comedians, Hyper Aadhi appearing as Chay’s sidekick and Chammak Chandra as Venky’s sidekick. Out of them, Chandra has done well with the one-liners and whatever the role given to him, but Aadhi failed to stand out. His expressionless face, lack of proper timing to tell a dialogue in sync with hero or other characters, have all hurt his ‘Jabardasth’ fans.

In Jabardasth, the whole of comedy comes out only through punch lines. But inside a film, one has to emote quite well to make sure that the character gets connected to the people. That’s the reason the likes of Vennela Kishore and Srinivas Reddy became such top comedians as their expressions are priceless.

If Aadhi wants to make it big in films, he should learn a bit of acting. Else he will be good only for Jabardasth.

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