You Have Stooped Too Low, Says Varalakshmi To Vishal

Heroine Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and hero Vishal are said to be dating each other for years, though they maintained that they are just friends. Their friendship is to such an extent that even though Vishal fought against Sarath Kumar in 2015 Nadigar Sangam elections, Varalaxmi supported her friend only.

Though Vishal accused Sarath Kumar of misusing funds, Varalaxmi has attended the special event in Malaysia held in 2018 by Vishal’s team and helped them collect charity funds. However, now Varalaxmi has slammed Vishal for making a YouTube video that showcased her father Sarathkumar in a bad light. Surprisingly that video showcases even Varalaxmi’s dancing episode in Malaysia as well.

Shooting a big note on Twitter, Varalaxmi asked Vishal to speak about the good work he has done rather insulting her father to get some attention in the 2019 Nadigar Sangam elections campaign. She stated that Vishal has lost her vote and also felt that truth will prevail in the end.

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